Talent and skills hunter in Brittany

Access Search offers your company 20 years of recruiting experience.
Talent and skills hunter in Brittany


  • Our profession : tracking down talents and skills, for companies in Brittany and elsewhere.
  • Our skills: our direct approach of executives and directors, using our networks and the “hidden” job market.

We seek out rare and precise profiles, with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.


Our clients’ faith in us from the very beginning is due to our ethics just as much as our recruitment methods.


We are members of the Syntec Conseil en Recrutement Union which represents recruitment consultants in France.



Experienced consultants with international training


To guarantee companies true expertise in recruiting and the direct approach, all our consultants have a company background and have been trained in France and abroad:


  • L'IGS (Institute of Social Management), Paris
  • CEFAC (French Chamber of Commerce and Industry Executive School ), Paris
  • L'ICG (Administration and strategic management), Nantes
  • BBS - Brest Business School, Brest
  • L'ETP Japan (Executive Training Program), WASEDA UNIVERSITY / Japanese Company
    => Groupe ANA - "ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS" & NCA "Nippon Cargo Airways", Tokyo, Japon
  • NIT (National Institute of Technology) Perth, Australie


Direct approach of candidates in Brittany and the World


Recruitment of rare talent for companies in the west and the whole of France.


Although we are a local service for Breton companies, we have a global outlook when it comes to recruiting.

We know how to seek out the right profiles in the world and we know what could tempt them to come to Brittany! Not only can we accompany the candidate that you wish to recruit, but also take charge of finding a suitable position for his/her partner should he/she accompany the candidate when they make their career move.



Recruitment of executives and senior managers for international development

Is your company expanding across international borders, beyond France?

As we are situated in Brest, Brittany, we have extensive international experience. Our consultants speak fluent English, Spanish and Japanese thanks to their experience living and working in numerous European countries, Asia (China and Japan), Latin America, and Australia where they have major networks at their disposal and a real expertise in the international jobs market.

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Develop your Breton business, in France and internationally

AS Access Search supports companies in recruiting their future talents in France and around the world

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Access Search is a direct approach recruitment consultancy located near Brest. We provide services for companies in Brittany and throughout the world.

22 Rue de Cleguer


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Access Search : Cabinet de recrutement de haut niveau par approche directe à Brest - Bretagne (Home)

Member of the Syntec
Conseil Recruitment Network